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  Si je rappelle aux miens nos aïeux phéniciens,
C’est qu’alors nous n’étions au fronton de l’histoire,
Avant de devenir musulmans ou chrétiens,
Qu’un même peuple uni dans une même gloire ...
Charles Corm
La montagne inspirée, 1934

La Maison D'Edition
Snow on the Barbecue and Other Wonders of Everyday Life in Lebanon
Nancy Chedid
Catégorie : Mémoire
Parution : janv. 2015
Format : 21.5 x 15.5 cm
Pages : 104
ISBN : 2-913875-53-X

An American widow follows her heart to Lebanon, the land of her late husband’s birth. With her three young sons in tow, she navigates a colorful, occasionally maddening, relentlessly breathtaking world. The past meets the present and the mountains meet the sea, in a mystical landscape that still resonates with the spirit of her lost love. Fervently she connects with her surroundings, drawing solace and joy from the rhythms of nature and the redemptive rituals of everyday life. In Snow on the Barbecue, Nancy Chedid recounts the most memorable adventures of her first year in Lebanon, whether exploring an ancient cedar forest on snowshoes or doing battle with an ancient water tank on the roof. Stirring photographs and an engaging narrative propel the reader along on this surprising journey. Both armchair explorers and those who have experienced the country firsthand will come to view Lebanon with a new sense of wonder. Nancy Chedid, physician, musician, educator, environmentalist, and writer, has contributed to The Boston Globe and to several scientific publications. Her eldest son Georges, who has yet to be sprung from high school, supplied many of the photographs for this book.
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